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Regarding my previous mail about undetermined ordering of EVAL-WHEN
(... COMPILE ...) bodies, I was talking about the issue
EVAL-WHEN-NON-TOP-LEVEL, not just about the special case DEFINING-MACROS-
NON-TOP-LEVEL.  So, although it's good there's point (5) in the latter
proposal, it really belongs in the former proposal.

Point (5) probably should put less emphasis on I/O considerations in
defining what "top-level" means, but I'm not sure how to say it better.
It would be useful to say right there (again) that "top-level" means
a null lexical environment.

BTW, VAX LISP does not treat COMPILER-LET bodies as being at top-level.
It's OK with me if we do add this functionality, though frankly I'd
prefer we deleted COMPILER-LET from the language.  But that's another