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Re: **DRAFT** issue CLOS-MACRO-COMPILATION, version 2

FYI, issue DEFCONSTANT-VALUE is supposed to be dead.  It was originally
intended to amend issue COMPILE-FILE-HANDLING-OF-TOP-LEVEL-FORMS, but
we ended up amending that issue directly instead.

> I think for both DEFCONSTANT and EQL the semantics should
> be as if it were never evaluated until load time, with the compiler
> allowed to evaluate it sooner only if it can prove that that does not
> change the semantics.

This was what was specified for DEFCONSTANT in the initial incarnation
everybody (except me and possibly Walter) hated it.  If we want to
make DEFCONSTANT less vague than it is now, I think a proposal to
require the initial value form to be evaluated at macroexpand time and
treated as a literal constant in the expansion would probably have
more support.