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> (1) The proposal should say somewhere what happens if an environment
> gets returned out of its dynamic context.

That is addressed by a separate proposal.

> What is worse, while AUGMENT-ENVIRONMENT fully captures the
> functionality of SYMBOL-MACROLET, and MACROLET, it behaves very oddly
> with regard to LET and FLET.  In particular, if I understand it right,
> it could be used to set things up so that the compiler thought a given
> variable was a local varible, but it does nothing to actually create the
> variable so things can be stored in it.  What does this even mean?

The result of AUGMENT-ENVIRONMENT can be passed to MACROEXPAND or the
various environment accessors, but it is not intended that the compiler
or evaluator would ever see it.  In fact, there is no way proposed that
an environment object can be given to the compiler.