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re:  Current Practice:
     . . . 
     The Lucid documentation indicates
     that certain functions at top-level are treated as though within an
     (EVAL-WHEN (EVAL COMPILE LOAD) ...): REQUIRE, all of the package
     functions listed above, INTERN, and UNINTERN; it is not clear what
     happens with PROCLAIM.

Two things should be clarified here [just in case anyone raises the
issue in the future]:

(1) The forms documented by Lucid as being implicitly wrapped within
    an eval-when do not include toplevel EVAL-WHEN forms;  as can be seen
    from the proposal regarding non-top-level eval-when's, the semantics
    of the situation (EVAL COMPILE LOAD) cannot be fully "undone" by 
    embedded eval-when's.
(2) Lucid does not currently include PROCLAIM, but no doubt would be
    quite happy to do so.

-- JonL --

P.S. Note that I cc'd this comment only to cl-compiler -- not to x3j13.