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> I think we're all pretty much agreed that the writeup for this issue
> needs an overhaul, perhaps going as far as to rename the issue and its
> various proposals.  I was hesistant to do so right before the meeting,
> for fear that such drastic last-minute changes would leave everybody
> even more hopelessly confused.  (I've noticed that this has happened a
> few times with cl-cleanup issues.)

Perhaps we could call it QUOTE-SEMANTICS.  This may suggest that we
generalize the issue somewhat, and perhaps change the boundaries of
other issues.  I haven't thought of suitable names for the proposals.

> After next week hopefully we all won't be in such a panic and we can
> give this the attention it deserves. 

We may have to remember to do something to make sure we're allowed to
do this and not be cut off because this January meeting is supposedly
the final technical meeting or something of that sort.