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Issue: IN-SYNTAX (Version 1)

re: I noticed too late that you had added CL-Compiler.  . . . 

Because of the extensive implications for the CL-Compiler issue 
EVAL-WHEN-NON-TOP-LEVEL, and because of the (hasty) acceptance of
re-binding *package* to the "current" value by COMPILE-FILE.

I can appreciate your concern about double cc'ing, and will take
the issue only to CL-Cleanup now.  Anyone on CL-Compiler who isn't
also on CL-CLeanup, but would like to hear about the issue of
default bindings for *package*/*readtable*/*read-base* during
LOAD or COMPILE-FILE, please contact me privately, and I will add 
you individually to the cc list.

-- JonL --