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Issue: IN-SYNTAX (Version 1)

I noticed too late that you had added CL-Compiler. 
I would -really- prefer if you didn't cc CL-Compiler in
further debate and if CL-Compiler would just pretend for now
that they hadn't seen those two pieces of mail.
My reasoning:

 - The discussion style of the two lists is very different.

 - It's a pain for those of us who are on both lists to get
   two or three copies.

 - It isn't wise to have people involved in only half of a
   discussion.  They don't know what conversation has gone
   before and so are likely to duplicate points already made.
   Or else they may comment out of paranoia about what might
   have gone before rather than from an informed standpoint.

If and when we deem it appropriate to pass this off to CL-Compiler
for review, we should do so in some form of organized presentation
rather than in the form of random cc's of occassional messages.