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Re: Issue: EVAL-WHEN-NON-TOP-LEVEL (Version 5)

I'll add the Current Practice items you mentioned.

If you are willing to object to the current definition of EVAL-WHEN for
top-level use (and to say why) or if you can find someone who will do so
in first person, I'll be happy to add commentary. [I found myself saying
``Objection, your honor. Hearsay.'' as I read your note. I've been
watching a lot of Perry Mason lately...] Otherwise, I can add a note
saying there have been vague grumblings of discontent, but I don't think
anyone will find that a compelling reason to change things; for all
anyone knows the thing we are changing are not the targets of that
discontent, and we'll only be making things worse -- not better.

As to cross-compilation, I've said I don't think you can write a fully
correct cross compiler for Common Lisp anyway -- and not for any reason
that has to do with EVAL-WHEN.  I can expand on why privately if anyone
challenges me; this is not the right forum. However, given that I
believe this, I also believe that worrying about cross-compilation in
order to decide how EVAL-WHEN should work is effectively mis-guided.