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Re: Issue LOAD-TIME-EVAL (shouldn't this be called issue LOAD-TIME-VALUE?)

>  Some computations can be deferred until load time by use of EVAL-WHEN,
>  but since EVAL-WHEN must occur only at toplevel, and since the nesting
>  behavior of EVAL-WHEN is quite unintuitive, EVAL-WHEN is not a general
>  solution to the problem of load-time computation of program constants.

"must occur only at toplevel"?  That isn't true, is it?  (In any case,
whether the nesting behavior of EVAL-WHEN is unintuitive may be resolved
by the outcome of the EVAL-WHEN-NON-TOP-LEVEL issue - then again, it may
be unintuitive no matter what is decided. :-) )
>   If a LOAD-TIME-VALUE expression is seen by COMPILE-FILE, the compiler
>   performs normal semantic processing such as macro expansion but

"Normal semantic processing" includes transformation into machine code or
whatever the compiler normally does with code, right?  This should be made
clearer, lest it be assumed that only macroexpansion is permitted.