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> Date: Tue, 07 Mar 89 11:02:42 EST
> From: Dan L. Pierson <pierson@mist.encore.com>
> I would very much like to see what GENERALIZE-EVAL-NEW-KEYWORDS will
> do to DEFINING-MACROS-NON-TOP-LEVEL before voting for the former.  I
> still want to be able to wrap a LET around a couple of DEFUNs and have
> it all work correctly!

Right.  I think we are all agreed that the rules for when defining
macros cause compile-time magic should be exactly the same as those
for when (EVAL-WHEN (COMPILE) ...) causes compile-time magic,
precisely so that you can implement the defining macros using

The only major change I'm planning to do the the existing writeup is
to move the definition of "top-level" versus "non-top-level" to issue
EVAL-WHEN-NON-TOP-LEVEL.  I think it really makes more sense there,
since that is where the COMPILE-FILE model is presented.