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Re: What happens when no handler is found?

I concede that what we've been discussing is a matter of style.  Since
the error proposal can easily accomodate different styles, including
mine, I'm happy.

As far as EOF goes, I agree with what (I believe) Kent Pitman has been
saying:  a condition is a condition is a condition; the signalling code
determines whether it is an "error".  For example, an infinite stream
that generates primes might use ERROR to signal EOF.  If I had a 
stream open to an ordinary file, I'd like the function I use to signal
EOF to detect the lack of a handler and signal MISSING-HANDLER (with
ERROR).  If I had a stream like a UNIX-style TTY stream, where
EOF doesn't necessarily mean that the next read won't find data,
I might signal EOF, not caring if anything handled the condition.
The distinction between the three is style and what you see if you
enter the debugger.

Brian Marick