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Error proposal questions

I have some questions about the proposal distributed in Boston.  They're
all pretty trivial, and I hope I haven't just missed some mail that answers
everything, but here they are:

(1)  DECLINE is defined only implicitly, but by analogy with PROCEED
     I assume it's a function rather than a macro.

(2)  What happens if DECLINE or PROCEED is called with some condition
     other than the one that was signalled?  Ditto for proceed functions.

(3)  How do the proceed-cases get into a condition?  Does SIGNAL-CASE
     SETF this field?  If so, what happens if this condition is later
     reused in a situation where the proceed-cases are invalid?

(4)  It seems that types like CONDITION and ERROR will have condition-
     reporters, but the proposal doesn't define any.  Nor does it say
     what their default handlers, if any, will do.

(5)  Are default-handlers meant to be inherited, a la report functions?

(6)  What does CONDITION-DEFAULT-HANDLE do if there's no default handler?

(7)  Is the 'type' argument to CATCH-CONDITION meant to be evaluated?
     The answer appears to be "no", but if the call to IGNORE-CONDITION
     in the description of IGNORE-ERRORS is meant to be CATCH-CONDITION
     then the answer would be "yes".

(8)  Is the ABORT condition type a subtype of ERROR?

(9)  Is the reference to DEFINE-PROCEED-TYPE in the description of
     PROCEED meant to be a reference to DEFINE-PROCEED-FUNCTION?

-- Jeff