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This is the first message that has gone out to this list in a very long while.

For those who have not heard, the Common Lisp Condition System, Revision 18
was endorsed by X3J13 at the last meeting. The practical effect of this
endorsement is that it will appear in the eventual CL standard unless changes
are made through the normal X3J13 `cleanup' process.

In a real sense, the condition system is out of the hands of this committee
at this point. Nevertheless, I'm sending mail to this list because I expect it
reaches a lot of interested individuals who might wish to hear about and 
discuss a few last minute issues.

If you have not seen that version, you can get it from AI.AI.MIT.EDU in the
following two files:


The first file is the proposal. The second is the sample implementation.
The embedded spaces in the filenames are significant.

Over the next day or two I will be sending out a few proposals for minor
revisions which I would like to take to X3J13 for a vote.  Mostly they are
things that others have suggested that I'm just getting around to writing
up. If you see any problems with the proposals as written, please say so
immediately.  I need to forward the proposals to X3J13 in the very near
future (next couple of days) in order for them to be seriously considered
at the upcoming meeting.

If you want to submit a proposal for a change at this point and are not 
familiar with the cleanup committee's standard format for change requests,
send me mail privately asking how that's done. If you're not sure of your
idea, feel free to bounce it off of me or this list prior to putting it
in proposal format.

Please keep in mind, however, that it's late in the game. In order to be
seriously considered, requests for changes will need to be carefully
thought through, clearly written up, and convincingly motivated.

 -- Kent Pitman