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Where to find Revision 15 of the CL Condition System draft spec

Various people who do not attend the X3J13 meetings have asked about the latest
condition system. For those who still don't have it, the current draft 
(unchanged since 1-Jul-87) is available by FTP from MIT-AI (AI.AI.MIT.EDU or
MIT-AI.ARPA). The two files of interest are:


(The space in each filename is signficant, by the way.) The first file is the
draft spec. The other file is a sample implementation.

The spec is not yet cast in concrete, but is not expected to change in very
radical ways. If all goes well, some more firm agreement may be reached within
the next six months.

The sample implementation is just that -- a sample. No warranty is expressed
or implied, and it is not part on the spec.  There are in fact a few known
bugs in the sample implementation, which sometime I'll get around to fixing.
Most everyone who has picked it up though has found them pretty straightforward
both to notice and to fix.

Questions and picky little comments that are not of general interest should
probably go just to Daniels.PA@Xerox.COM and KMP@Stony-Brook.SCRC.Symbolics.COM
so we can fix things for the next edition. Send comments of more general