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    Date: Tue, 19 Sep 89 10:06:03 CDT
    From: wfs@rascal.ics.UTEXAS.EDU (Bill Schelter)

    The maphash might conceivably be implemented in some common lisp so as
    to introduce new nil blocks.  It is safer to have our own block.

That would be an incorrect Common Lisp implementation, so it doesn't seem
like a very compelling argument for the design of LOOP.

    This sloop uses a (do (..)..) in its body, which has a nil block.

The SLOOP approach of defining an iteration type as the complete
iteration form, instead of the individual pieces, is "simple and
elegant" but does not generalize to allow performing multiple iterations
in parallel, thus it doesn't seem relevant to LOOP.

So I'm not sure either of your examples sheds much light on the issue
at hand.