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Re: Subcommittee name, scope, JEIDA response

One of the things we should be aware of is the other work in ANSI and
ISO on character encoding and character identification standards. I
understand there is some work in X3L2 and SC2 on multi-byte standards. I
don't think their work affects ours particularly, except that we should
probably say that if and when there is a standard for encodings, an
implementation should identify the character encoding used by an
implementation in *features* so that char-int and int-char can follow
the encoding.

There is also a ANSI X3V1, ISO SC18 WG 8, which apparently deals with
typography issues, but seems relatively irrelevant to the work at hand

Are any members of JEIDA on cl-natural-languages@sail.stanford.edu? 

I will forward in separate messages the cl-cleanup issues that interact
with Common Lisp characters.