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Comments on most recent draft: Chap 1 and 2

    Date: Wed, 10 Feb 88 00:14:17 PST
    From: Jon L White <edsel!jonl at labrea.Stanford.EDU>
    We (this sub-sub-...) have met by conference phone, and discussed what 
    to do; initially Bob Kerns is working on a "definition specs" proposal 
    that will clean up and extend the LispMachine's functions specs somewhat. 
    But we all feel that this is new development -- not just a simple 
    "clarification", or "cleanup" or minor extension to Common Lisp, and 
    more serious thought needs to be given to the question.  Most likely 
    there will much discussion about it in Palo Alto next month.

Actually, it's Steve Haflick who's writing the proposal; I'm writing
the example implementation.

We did decide it would be inappropriate for SYMBOL-FUNCTION to take
a list as its argument, because the name would be confusing.
FUNCTION-DEFINITON is the name I believe we've chosen for the extended
version of SYMBOL-FUNCTION.  I expect we will have a detailed proposal
by the March meeting, but we've obviously missed the deadline for voting
on it this time around.