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Proposed Wording Change to the Error Terminology (II)

When you read this, take out your chapter 1 and read the rest of the
section on error terminology. The suggestions about using the term
``portable'' as part of the definition of ``undefined'' seem to have been
made under the influence of amnesia regarding the rest of the section.


``When situation $S$ occurs, the results are undefined.''

This terminology has the following meaning:


\item{\bull} If this situation occurs, the results are unpredictable.  The
results may range from harmless to fatal.

\item{\bull} No valid program should cause this situation to happen.

\item{\bull} Implementations are allowed to detect this situation and
signal an error, but no implementation is required to detect the

\item{\bull} No implementation is allowed to extend the semantics of the
\OS\ to this situation.