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"Written Responses" to CLOS 88-002: (Re)Initialization

	Strong Similarity between Initialization/Reinitialization

The strong similarity between the Initialization and Reinitialization
protocols makes me wonder why there need to be two.  Couldn't more be 
factored out into a single protocol?  The state of the design circa 
November 1987 was unacceptably confusing to me; the situation in CLOS 
88-002 appears to be one of avoiding the problem.  I am aware that 
significant discussion has been taking place on the electronic mailing 
list during March and April 1988, so I'm sure something will be done; I 
just want to register a "Response" so that at least the situation will 
not be the same as it was during the winter of 1987-88.

-- JonL --