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Re: Mlynarik's comments

    Date: 21 May 88 00:17 PDT
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.Stanford.EDU>

    Richard writes:

    ``1-22 2nd PP in `Intro to methods':  The first and second sentences
    seem to be too directly contradictory.  I would change the first to
    ``A method object is not NECESSARILY a function an IN GENERAL cannot be
    invoked as a function.'' ''

    The sentences in question are:

    ``A method object is not a function and cannot be invoked as a function.  An
    implementation may extend the \OS\ so that method objects are functions.''

    The reason it is stated this way is that no one writing portable code can
    take them to be functions, but we do not require them to not be functions
    in all implementations.  

Actually, the second sentence is wrong.  We do prohibit them from being
functions in all implementations.  Chapter 3 is very clear on this
issue.  Methods are instances of the class standard-method which itself
is an instance of standard-class.  We should delete the second sentence.