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Re: issue CLOS-MACRO-COMPILATION, version 1

>   * The method is not callable at compile-time.  If there is a generic
>     function with the same name at compile-time, compiling a DEFMETHOD
>     will not add the method to that generic function.  
>     [This also seems to imply that tests for existence of the generic 
>     function, lambda-list congruence, etc. must not happen until 
>     load time.]

No, an implementation should be permitted to check for lambda-list
congruence between methods defined in the same file; this doesn't
require any reference to the resident generic function definition.  If
the file doesn't include a DEFGENERIC, then the first DEFMETHOD defines
the compile-time generic function attributes, and subsequent methods can
be checked against that.

>   * The method combination can be used in a subsequent DEFGENERIC.  If it
>     is referenced, the body of a long form of method combination must be 
>     evaluable at compile-time.

But if methods are not installed at compile time and generic functions
are not callable at compile time, then I don't think there is any
situation in which the method combination body could be executed at