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Re: Understanding Method Combination.

> I mistyped, the generic function is indeed called COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-METHOD.
> It is mentioned in chapter 1.  As it is documented in chapter 3, it returns
> an effective method which is a lisp form that could be thought of as the
> body of a lambda.  Inside the forms are invocations of the call-method
> macro.  This macro arranges to pass the arguments to the method to the
> actual method objects.  So, the rest of my message was basically correct
> wrt the specification.

OK, that makes sense, but the spec doesn't say that.  Page 3-43 says that
it is "called to determine the effective method", but does not ever
specify what the returned value is.  I apparently made an invalid
assumption about what was intended.  I see now that page 1-28 says that it
"returns a Lisp form that defines the effective method", but it doesn't
say anything about what it can be expected to look like.