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Documenting our decisions

    Well, there is $5000 sitting in an escrow account at Digital Press that
    can be tapped for such a purpose if we only form a legal entity to
    receive it.

Hmmm... maybe we should create some little noop corporation after all,
to hold the copyright and to handle the cash.  It might be useful in
other ways, too.  I wonder if a nonprofit corportion that included (for
now) just the steering and technical committee members would be
feasible, and if it would further irritate the rest of the community.
Has anyone had experience in setting up minimal corporations?  How hairy
does it get?

    If you really think that the ANSI document really would be so incredibly
    turgid and opaque that people would rather read the silver book, then
    perhaps a second edition would make sense.  :-)  However, I would rather
    see a readable ANSI document plus a good tutorial.

Well, we wouldn't make the ANSI document turgid on purpose, but whenever
a choice had to be made between standards-level clarity and user
friendliness, we would want to go with the former.  Maybe such choices
wouldn't arise if we do it right.  If you prefer not to work on a second
edition of the silver book and instead to spend the time helping to
polish parts of the ANSI document and/or working on a tutorial, that
would be fine.  I suppose then Digital Press would have the right to
hire some random to update the silver book, which certainly has the
potential to confuse things.  But probably they wouldn't bother.

-- Scott