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I don't want people to get the impression that I'm pushing the
Lucid document. We had to prepare it for 2 reasons:

	1. A tricky negotiation made it mandatory to include it as
	   a deliverable for a contract, even though we and others
	   tried to dissuade the party in question
	2. We needed to have a non-generic Common Lisp reference manual.

Because of point 2, this document might not be suitable. Its format
might be nicer for our purposes - 1 function, macro, etc per page,
standard descriptive format. Possibly some clearer prose in places,
possibly worse prose in others. There are legal problems I need to
solve to allow the CL group to muck with the document while Lucid
can continue its rights to the original. I imagine forking the
document somehow, with Lucid keeping rights to the original, but not
to the CL-committee-derived work. I believe Lucid should have no
rights to the ANSI/ISO document.

The book is in Tex format. I have sent a copy to Fahlman to see whether he
believes it's suitable at all before sending it out further.