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[OHLANDER: Documenting our decisions]

Forwarded at Ron's request...

Date: Wednesday, 26 March 1986  17:09-EST
To:   Fahlman
Re:   Documenting our decisions

	I agree with your position on the number of people on the
technical committee.  I don't want to propose that there be some
significant increase in numbers just to try to 
ensure adequate representation for every potentially interested 
party.  I just wanted to offer a way of dealing with the 
perception that some people might have regarding any potential
bias.  Actually, I think that the solution that Steve
recently offered (regarding a vendors' reviewing group) is a
much better one than mine.

In regards to the copyright issue, if we have one, some official
body or person has to hold it.  We may not have to get a copyright.
However, we have to make sure that there is only one official
public domain specification.  Some one or some place has to be
the official repository and maitainer of this document.  Otherwise,
why bother with validation and other such issues.  A copyright
would achieve this purpose.  The other possibility is to maintain
some stamp of approval that is conferred by having originated from
the officially approved maintainer of the document.