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New Members

OK, I can see the wisdom of considering Yuasa and Hagiya as too junior
to the the official Japanese reps, if there are to be only one or two.
Maybe even Ida is too junior -- he's young and an associate professor, I
think.  The problem with taking on Goto or someone more senior is that
we want to make sure that whoever we get has some serious interest in
Common Lisp and the standardization thereof.  We don't need some
VIP who thinks that Lisp is a cute toy and not very practical.

I think that the KCL guys have a lot of enthusism and energy that we
want to tap, and also good contacts over there.  So we want to keep them
involved and feeling good about all this, even if they're not the
official Japanese representatives.

The model I keep coming back to in my mind is trying to get the Japanese
to set up their own committee over there, with much communication with
ours, and that we all come together at ISO.  That way N Japanese can get
into the act and they can sort out their own politics.

-- Scott