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I agree about finding a more senior person.  I also agree with RPG about
Hagiya and Yuasa; I like them and am impressed by their accomplishments,
but their misunderstandings of the manual in a few placed clearly
indicated to me that while they certainly could implement from a spec,
they didn't have a good idea why the spec was the way it was.

On the other hand, let's be quite careful about the kind of person we
choose: it has to be someone who appreciates what it means to write a
substantial program in Lisp, not just someone who has implemented a Lisp
of some sort.  I am afraid of choosing someone who is too much of a
theoretist, who would not have the sensitivity to make a good
engineering compromise between elegance and practicality.  We should
keep this in mind, and be careful that we know enough about someone
before we put him on the committee that we can be confident he can
work in that kind of engineering milieu.