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Re: Copyrights

	My concern is that we don't just abrogate all rights to ANSI.  We may
find ourselves in disagreement at some future time.  In order to protect the
Common Lisp community, we should have some recourse to always go back to some
original document to make things the way that the Common Lisp community feels
that they should be.  This would require, probably, either copyrighting the
Common Lisp specification under a representative organization of the Common
Lisp community or putting the specification in the Public Domain.  If we
copyright the spec, we could then grant exclusive rights to ANSI to develop a
standard.  I realize that this brings up that old problem of how we organize
such a group, but we may really have to face coming to grips with that issue.

I will talk to some people who have founded nonprofit organizations to see
what is involved.  In the meantime, we should press on with getting some
agreement from DEC that we can make a derivative work of the Common Lisp
Specification for an ANSI standard.