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I'm not sure that I understand all of the points in your recent message.
You say that 

    we had damn well better make sure that we have ultimate rights to
    what we need.  We must, for example, have the rights to the
    Common Lisp Specification.

I'm not sure what rights you are talking about here, and how you want to
define "we".  If we produce a document that is both spec and manual, and
if it is accepted as an ANSI standard, I just want to be sure that the
manual is readily available to all who need to use it in various ways.
We also want to be sure that there is some mechanism for producing
revised standards in the future, based on the text of the original
standard, but that would fall out of the normal ANSI process, I think.
I'm willing to let the ANSI process handle any future revisions, and
feel no great urge to keep the process in the hands of the current cast
of characters.  I personally plan to get out of the Common Lisp game
once the first round of ANSI/ISO standardization is complete.

-- Scott