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ISO Lisp

There are several possible solutions to the EuLisp problem:

	1. Convince them that there should be an `ISO Common Lisp,'
	   an `ISO EuLisp,' and in 10 years, an `ISO Lisp.'

	2. Convince them to make EuLisp a Lisp in which Common
	   Lisp can be easily and efficiently implemented. I suppose
	   this could be considered a subset of Common Lisp, but
	   more likely it is a Lisp implementation language.

	3. Work with the European manufacturers to:
		a. get more European votes, if possible
		b. get them to see that their academic interests
		   are not totally applicable, even in Europe.
	  I presume that ISO voting in Europe cannot be by a self-appointed,
	   small number of people.

	4. Start investigating ways to sidestep the `if there is an ISO
	   standard, the US military (?) must use it' problem. In this
	   case, the US and our Common Lisp friends can vote against
	   EuLisp, and we can go our separate ways.

I would guess that the only real problem is if ISO adopts EuLisp and
not Common Lisp. I suppose there are more ambitious compromises that
involves starting the work on a true platonic Lisp, but I'm not sure
my stamina is up to that.