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I never received any feedback on my proposal that we go ahead and invite
the JEIDA committeee to nominate someone for the steering and technical
committees.  (This will probably be Ida.)  Before we start voting on
things, which will start soon, I'd like to make this gesture.  It could
make a big difference in the enthusiasm with which the Japanese accept
our work, and they are our best potential ally outside the U.S., not to
mention being a substantial fraction of the potential user community.
Shall we move on this?

I'm not sure whether it is worthwhile asking the Europeans if they are
interested in joining right now.  Maybe we should wait till Bob Mathis
returns from the Eulisp meeting, where he can see what the mood is over
there.  He could quietly inform Chailloux and any other non-radicals
over there that we would like to have a European or two in the inner
loop if we can find one who subscribes to the goal of standardizing the
current Common Lisp without major changes.

-- Scott