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Plans for Lisp Conference

There cannot be anything official for X3J13 since its first
meeting is to be September 23 and 24 in Washington.  I was
planning to have a handout or some other kind of information
about that meeting.  Scott and I should probably make a single
page (front and back) write-up that would give the status and
invite appropriate participation.  We could talk about its
contents over the net and then Scott and I could finalize it near
the end of July.  (I plan to be in Pittsburgh July 21-25.)

The EuLisp people think they are having a meeting in Boston and
when we talked about plans I got the feeling they wanted it to be
a joint meeting.  If you add the Japanese, we're talking thirty
or more people -- that's too many for last minute arrangements.
If Tuesday night is available and meets most of our schedules, we
should go with it.  The first decision is a time.  The EuLisp
people still hadn't made their arrangements either.  I'm hoping
that we will get together in small groups throughout the
conference to meet with people and explain what we are doing, but
I think we are going to need an organized group meeting too.

-- Bob