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[a37078%ccut.u-tokyo.junet%utokyo-relay.csnet: Common Lisp Meeting]

I just got this from Ida.  My answer to him follows...

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 86 12:13:18+0900
 From: Masayuki Ida <a37078%ccut.u-tokyo.junet%utokyo-relay.csnet at CSNET-RELAY.ARPA>
To:   fahlman, ida at UTOKYO-RELAY.CSNET
Re:   Common Lisp Meeting

Dear Prof. Fahlman,

     I will go to USA to attend Lisp conf at MIT, and to attend AAAI86.
I guess there will be a Common Lisp Meeting.
I want to attend it.

Furthermore, I want to present a short speech on the meeting about the current
status of the Common Lisp related activity in Japan.
I feel I have a resposibility to play a role of the interface between USA and Japan for the matter.

I do not know who is the best person to send this mail,
but I am sending it to you only.
Because I think you are one of the best person of Common Lisp with  university

If will be granted, I have the following item to speak.
1) What is our subsetting. We can distribute the copies at the speech.
2) What is our on-going decision on Kanji and string/character extension.
3) What is the current status in japan.
 Last fall 1985, we made a questionnare about the CommonLisp/AI, including
a question like what language do you use, what is you opinion about Common lisp,
what langauge features are good in Common Lisp,...
We have formed AI Association from april.
We are now starting a working committee for JIS which is correspondent to
the action of ISO.
And Other things.

Can I have your frank opinion or suggestion ?

Should I ask it to other person ?
Or, I can not have a speech ?

Thank you.

Masayuki Ida

(I can also get a mail through this return path)