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    Right.  It's sort of a shame that so much of the recent Common-Lisp mail
    has been proposals to reopen all kinds of questions.  It's gotten to the
    point where it's hard to find the interesting messages among all the
    "Gee, why is Common Lisp like this, it really ought to be like that"
    mail.  I don't know what to do about this.

All this will go away when we start making actual decisions on actual
issues.  Idle speculation like this will get shot down early by the moderator
(me), unless the person in question makes clear that it is discussion
for the future and not aimed at the current standardization effort.

I've been trying to get everything set so that I can start putting major
amounts of time into this, but I've had a few higher-priority things to
clean up first (e.g. CMU's DARPA Basic Research proposal isn't quite
finalized yet, though it's getting very close).

Anyway, I'll start cracking the whip or pounding on the hull or whatever
I'm supposed to do RSN (Real Soon Now).

-- Scott