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Hello folks

We now have a chairman of the subsets subgroup:  Martin Griss
of HP.  I think he will make an excellent chairman.  For your
information I am including the current members of the mailing list.

I will now let Martin take over responsibility for the discussion.

Dave Matthews		HP		"hpfclp!subsets%hplabs"@csnet-relay
Stan Shebs		Utah		shebs@utah-20
John Foderaro		Berkeley	jkf@ucbmike.arpa
Jerry Duggan		Univ of Utah	duggan@utah-20
Rod Brooks		MIT		"brooks%oz"@mc
Skef Wholey		CMU		Wholey@cmuc
Martin Griss		HP		griss.hplabs@csnet-relay 
Beau Sheil		Xerox		sheil@xerox
Bob Kessler		Univ. of Utah	kessler@utah-20
Bill White		Teknowledge	WWhite@sri-kl
Carl Hewitt		MIT		hewitt-subsets@mc
Govind Deshpande	JPL		deshpande@jpl-vlsi.arpa
Gary Brown		DEC		brown@dec-hudson
Eric Benson		Lucid		eb@su-ai
Jerry Barber		Gold Hill	jerryb@mc
Jed Marti		Rand		marti@rand-unix
Chris Schmidt		HPP		schmidt@sumex
Alice Hartley		BBN		hartley@bbn
Gordon Novak		Univ. of Texas	novak@utexas-20
Guy Steele		Tartan		steele@tl-20a
Joe Ginder		PERQ		Joseph.Ginder@cmu-cs-spice
Jim Meehan		Cognitive Sys.	meehan@yale
Jonl White		Xerox		jonl@xerox
Neal Feinberg		Symbolics	feinberg@scrc-stony-brook