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This committee might be interested in the activities of LMI.
They are on a road show to talk about a commercial standard OOP.
In particular, they seem to be interested in a kernel OOP
such that the things they want are implementable in it. The basic
flavor of their proposed kernel is CommonLoops, but with some stuff
to implement ObjectLisp. Eric Benson, Patrick Sobalvarro, and I
spent the entire day yesterday with them. The most interesting part
of the day was a discussion of the mis-merits of ObjectLisp. 

The LMI folks are trying to arrange a meeting between themselves,
Xerox, and me to discuss this kernel idea. The key interesting point
is that LMI doesn't feel necessarily wedded to ObjectLisp - though they'd
like to retain the ability to have a `current object' - and that they
feel that the companies owe it to the world at large to make a decision
about OOP soon.

At Lucid, we are at the point of requiring an OOP for our own window
system, the case being that we have imlemented as much of it as we can
without making a committment to an OOP. We have flavors, but do not intend
to write our code using it.  In the absence of a direction from the
community, we will simply adopt CommonLoops, though there will be a
Rosetta Stone phase in which we attempt to put down some documentation for
it by reading the code, talking to Gregor, and sacrificing chickens.