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It has been clear to me since Boston that ObjectLisp was not a
contender.  This is on its merits, and has nothing to do with which
companies have chosen to back it.  When I describe ObjectLisp to people,
about 10% say "Hmmm...interesting" and about 90% make a sour face and
barfing noises.  So I'm glad to hear that LMI insn't inseparably wedded
to this system.

In case I didn't say it clearly before, I'm now feeling pretty strongly
that what we want is a standard object-oriented system that is complete
enough to be usable on its own (but with some things available as
extensions) and not a set of hooks that will allow a thousand flowers to
bloom.  It is now a bit late in the game for the idea of "let's put in
the hooks and experiment for a couple of years."  As Dick's note
indicates, various groups are going to be locking in decisions pretty
quickly now.

-- Scott