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Using clx with kcl

I am not sure if this is the right place to be asking this, but I know of
no other address.  Please advise.

I am trying to use clx with kcl on a vax running Ultrix 2.0.  Clx tries to
load tcp for kcl.  There should be a .c file called kcltcp.c which was not
included with the release that I have of X11 (clx).  Does anybody out there
have this file and would be willing to send it to me?  Also, the file
tcpinit.lisp used with kcl has a call to (si:faslink).  This symbol is not
recognized by kcl.  It is not defined anywhere in the clx distribution, nor
does it appear in the common lisp manual (Guy Steele).  Is this an oversight
on my part somewhere?

Any help in either or both of these areas would be most appreciated.

Andrew Thomas			Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Group
Dept of Systems Design		University of Waterloo