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Needed: Info on LISP X based toolkits

I putting together of summary of X Windows toolkits being written on top
CLX or, preferably, on top of CLUE.

I would like to know about all efforts no matter how small.  Thinking
Machines hopes to help standarize a toolkit and is willing to help with design,
implementation, and testing.  Please e-mail to me (salem@think.com) and I
will summarize to this list.

I'm particularly interested in :
 - the toolkit's contents (e.g. menues ? buttons ? sliders ? text boxes ? etc.)
 - "style"
 - CLUE based ?
 - Current status (e.g. designed ?  implemented ?  staffed ?)
 - Availability

and whatever else you'd like (try e-mailing a RLE screen dump !)

Any hints/pointers to further sources of information will be greatly

Thanks !

-- jim
{rutgers, harvard, mit-eddie, . . .}!think!salem
Thinking Machines Corporation, 245 First St., Cambridge MA 02142
(617) 876-1111