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clx on an Apollo

I'm having troubles getting clx to do its thing on my Apollo.  Can
someone out there lend a hand?

I managed to fiddle with release 2 and get it to load, but when I
ran hello-world it couldn't connect to the server (though socket.o
seemed to work fine by itself).  I can't even get release 3 to load --
it does with the message
	>>Error: GET-PUT-ITEMS has no global function definition

	   Required arg 0 (S): GET-PUT-ITEMS

This happens when I do (load-clx) after having loaded defsystem.lisp.

I'm running (Lucid) CommonLisp v. 1.04 on an Apollo DN3000 (b/w) with
SR 9.7.

Thanks in advance,

Aaron Temin                       csnet: temin@software.org
Software Productivity Consortium
1880 Campus Commons Drive, North
Reston, VA  22091                 arpanet: temin%software.org@relay.cs.net