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I was glad your note did go to cl-windows, I found the DELPHI common lisp
remarks interesting.  You mentioned that it had:

	   - Multithread support for concurrency.  The Multithread
	     primitives can also be used to implement semaphores, OCCAM
	     channels and other typical concurrency schemes.  A small 
	     amount of code can be written to emulate efficiently 
	     the concurrency metaphors of other Lisps.  Delphi has 
	     already implemented extensions to CLOS to allow the definition 
	     of concurrent synchronizable atomic methods.

Is there some emerging standard or proposed standards for concurrency
control in Common Lisp?  I was toying with adding such to AKCL but I
would rather not make up my own interface if there's an accepted one
out there.

- Phil