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CLX doc update

    Date: Wed, 08 Mar 89 18:30:57 -0800
    From: John Irwin <franz!sparky!jdi@ucbarpa.Berkeley.EDU>
    How about a postscript version of the output in the ftp directory?
    	-- John

    Date:   Wed, 8 Mar 89 10:01:59 MST
    From:   Andreas Girgensohn <andreasg@boulder.Colorado.EDU>
    I'm just starting using X Windows and CLX on a Symbolics Lispmachine.
    Unfortunately, the documentation for CLX is in a format that makes it
    difficult to read.  Do you have a version of the documentation for
    LaTeX/Scribe/Troff or a Postscript output? Does the file pub/clx.doc.Z
    from Feb. 27 contain the newest version?
    --Andreas Girgensohn <andreasg@boulder.colorado.edu>

A newer version (3/8/89) of the preliminary CLX document can be found
on csc.ti.com:~ftp/pub/clx.doc (and clx.doc.Z for the compressed

There is now a (albeit slightly older 3/4/89) version molded into
LaTeX that is now available. Please note that it comes with a seperate
index file. The files are as follows:

clx.doc 	current, updated ASCII version
clx.doc.tex 	last weeks version, in LaTeX,
clx.doc.ind	index file, which is to be \input into above LaTeX file

The files are located in csc.ti.com in the ~ftp/pub directory.
Compressed versions (.Z) are also available.

As for the postscript version, we're working an dvi2ps program. All I
know at this time is that we have three different version, of which
neither works without problems. As soon as these problems are
resolved, we'll try to get a postscript version (built from the LaTeX
version) out on csc.ti.com.

Please direct any comments/suggestions/corrections to me @
myjak@csc.ti.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

and thanks for your support.

--Michael D. Myjak

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