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need to get CLX & CLUE working on a sun4 running lucid lisp

We need to get CLX & CLUE working on a sun4 running Sun (Lucid) Common

  1)  We need to get the current version.  We have the version on X11R3
      distribution tapes (1.12 or something).  Where can we get updates
      or the new version?  I have access to the internet.

  2)  Has anyone got CLUE working on Sun (Lucid) lisp?  We have version
      2.2.1.  CLX seems to work ok, but CLUE has several problems, most
      of which I would attribute to the compiler/interpreter.
       - examples/valuators.lisp does not compile.  No apparent reason.
       - compiler-let does not work as expected (defmethod expands to 
         something like
           (compiler-let (...)
              (defun ...
                 (with-slots ...)))
         with-slots expects to find the type of the argument in a variable
         set by compiler-let, but at least in interpreted code the variable 
         is no longer bound when the macros inside the defun are expanded.
         However, this construct seems to work sometimes, perhaps in compiled
         code.  Only we cannot compile all files.
       - resource.lisp works differently when compiled or interpreted.
         In particular, the convert generic function does not work properly
         when calling itself recursively in compiled code; however,
         interpreted code works ok.
      Are these problems with CLUE, or are these compiler problems?  Would
      updating to lisp version 3.0 help?  I understand lucid has been using
      at least CLX with their lisp.

To summarize:
  - where can I get the current versions of CLX and CLUE?
  - do they work with Sun (Lucid) Common lisp version 2.2.1?
  - do they work with version 3.0?

Thanks in advance.

Tatu Yloenen           Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland.