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Re: improved version of CLX available

A new revision of the improved CLX first announced March 30 is available via
public ftp on:

ucbarpa (,  in ~ftp/pub/clx.tar.Z

Below is the list of changes from the March 30 version.  (The big one is
support for Lucid version 3.0)  This revision missed by a day but I'll call
it May Day CLX anyway.  Once again, this CLX is completely compatible with
the CLX on the X11.R3 tape, minus some of the bugs and some of the slowness.

John Irwin, jdi%franz.uucp@uunet.uu.net, uunet!franz!jdi

General changes
	Stan Lanning's fix to event-case when discard-p is t, peek-p is nil.
		-- input.l

	Kerry Kimbrough's new version of get-search-table, fixes resource
	name handling.
		-- resource.l

Lisp implementation specific changes
	-- fix to exclMakefile to reduce space used by CLX image

	-- Judy Anderson's fixes for Lucid 3.0 -- better I/O and locking
		-- dependent.l