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New CLUE available

CLUE 7.0 is  now available  to the  public via  anonymous ftp.   This is
substantially the same as  the previous version  (CLUE 6.0, July  1989),
except that a great  many bugs and  build problems have  been fixed.  To
the many persons  who offered  their suggestions  and fixes:  thanks, we
needed that!

Anyone  interested  may  receive  source  code  and  documentation   via
anonymous ftp  from  CSC.TI.COM,  (internet  address in
/pub/clue.tar.Z, or from EXPO.LCS.MIT.EDU in /contrib/clue.tar.Z.   CLUE
7.0 will also be part of the R4 distribution of the X Window System; see
directory contrib/toolkits/clue.

Please note that CLUE 7.0 depends on R3 CLX features and bug  fixes (see
R3 distribution,  directory  lib/CLX).   The  version  of  CLX  found on
CSC.TI.COM in pub/clx.tar.Z is also sufficient to support CLUE 7.0.   Be
sure   to   review   other   information   found   in    clue/README and

CLUE (Common Lisp User Interface  Environment) is a portable  system for
user interface programming in Common Lisp.  CLUE, which is based on  the
X Window System and  the Common Lisp  Object System (CLOS),  extends the
CLX interface to provide an architectural model for the construction  of
interactive Lisp applications.  Modelled on the Xt toolkit library, CLUE
could be described  as a  translation of  the Xt  "intrinsics" into  the
domain of Common Lisp and CLOS.