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Questions about CLX?

I have been trying to get CLX to work under KCL, on Sun3s, here at UNC, with
limited success.  I have also had problems in printing the manual.  Here is
how things stand, as of this weekend, along with 3 questions:

        I'm working with CLX from TI.COM dated September, 1988, and a manual
dated March, 1989.  I moved the relevant TCP files down into a directory named
"tcp", loaded "defsystem.l" into KCL, compiled, etc.  Here's where the
unresolved problems begin:

    1)	With help from Dean Brock (brock@cs.unc.edu) on X and sockets
	and some printf's, we found that the display number's added to
	the TCP port in two places:

    dependent.l, line 869:
      (let ((stream (tcp:open-tcp-stream host (+ *x-tcp-port* display))))

    socket.c, line 96
      inaddr.sin_port = display + X_TCP_PORT;

	We changed the line in dependent.l (though now I suspect that
	we should've changed socket.c, instead) and were finally able
	to open a window using "test/trapezoid.l", but ...

    2)	In "test/trapezoid.l", there are several calls to a function
	called "poly-fill-Trapezoids" which does not seem to've been
	defined anywhere. (Grep cannot find it in other files.)

    test/trapezoid.l, line 58:
      (poly-fill-Trapezoids window gc  '(10 20 30 40 100 200))

	I was going to write a different test function, but first I
	figured I should print out the manual ...

So, in summary:

    1)	What's the preferred fix for the display/x-tcp-port problem?

    2)	Do you have a version of "test/trapezoid.l" that works?

Thanks for any answers you can provide.
Bruce T. Smith              bts@cs.unc.edu
Dept. of Computer Science   (919) 962-1917
Sitterson Hall CB#3175
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175