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New CLX documentation available

A new, complete, up-to-date, formatted version of the documentation for CLX
(the Common LISP X Interface) is now available to the public via anonymous
ftp from

	csc.ti.com (Internet address

Anyone interested may find the documentation in the directory:


It comes in two forms.  This first is Interleaf ASCII source format which is
contained in the *.doc files.  The second is postscript printer format which
is contained in the *.ps files.  Compressed versions of the collections of
these files may be found in the files:

	pub/clxman/doc.tar.Z		(Interleaf ASCII form)
	pub/clxman/ps.tar.Z		(postscript form)

Hopefully, this documentation will also soon be available as a part of the R4
distribution of the X Window System from the MIT X Consortium.