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[Re: New CLX documentation available]

I only tested the postscript output for the new CLX documentation on TI and
Apple printers so there may be some problems on others.  Not knowing much
about postscript I must rely on expert assistance.  Here is a suggestion from
one person.

	Dan Stenger

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Date:   Wed, 25 Oct 89 17:53:40 EDT
From:   Christopher.Hoover@LISP-SUN.SLISP.CS.CMU.EDU
Subject: Re: New CLX documentation available 
To:     Dan Stenger <stenger@ti-csl.csc.ti.com>

Thanks for the new documentation.  It looks really good so far.

Two problems:

  1) All of the postscript files are missing the "%!" magic
     header.  This will probably confuse a lot of people.

  2) Your postscript prolog needs the following:

	userdict /letter known not {/letter {} def} if

     so that the files will print on printers other than Apple
     LaserWriter's such as DEC LPS-40's.

Thanks again,
-- Chris.

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