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CLX design issues

    Date: Thu, 26 Oct 89  10:43:33 CDT
    From: Kerry Kimbrough <Kimbrough@dsg.csc.ti.com>

    I'm interested in starting a discussion on cl-windows that will resolve such
    issues. Anyone else?

	CLX should define a colormap-visual accessor to paper over a shortcoming of
	the protocol.

I think this is a fine idea.  In the R4beta CLX, there is a colormap slot
called colormap-visual-info.  Charlie Hornig contributed it.

	query-best-cursor interface does not fully support the underlying
	QueryBestSize request.

This sounds good too.  The spec should change, but to remain compatible with
existing clients the implementation should handle a display passed to it too.
I updated the source.

	For sake of consistency with other CLX functions, should change certain
	argument data types:

	(declare (type (member :on :off :default) blanking exposures))

Sounds fine too.  But for compatibility, :yes and :no should be allowed too.
I updated the source.

	wm-resources/set-wm-resources are inappropriate interfaces.

Sounds fine.  For compatbility, wm-resources & set-wm-resources should be
still there, though.  
I updated the source.

	Exposing the value-mask component of :configure-request is not the best Lisp

I don't understand this enough.