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CLX patch

The file expo.lcs.mit.edu:/contrib/CLX.R4beta.fix1 contains patches to the
R4beta CLX to fix an assortment of problems that have been reported.  It's too
large (46KB) for me to mail out to a mailing list.  Instead, as many people as
possible should ftp it.  I can mail it to individuals who don't have internet
FTP access.  

This patch makes the following changes in the R4beta CLX:
Fix buffer sequence reading functions reading too much.
Move some dependent code from resource to dependent.
Replace wm-resources and set-wm-resources with root-resources.
Change blanking and exposure args to set-screen-saver to :on & :off
  instead of :yes and :no.
Query-best-cursor should take a drawable, not a display.
New slot visual-info for colormaps (just document it).
Keysym-index arg to keycode->keysym can't be nil.
Nil not allowed as a font arg to text-extents and text-width.
New event handler sequence functions.
Fix up the broken declare-events in doc.l.
Make the char info accessors return nil when the font or index is bad.
Uncomment out noop request.
Run test after key, not before, for read-resources.
Keysym-index arg to keycode->keysym can't be nil.